akiko marutani 丸谷晶子
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Akiko Marutani( soprano )


Akiko Marutani is graduated from Elizabeth University of Music with BMus degree and diploma and went on to receive a postgraduate diploma in early music from Trinity Collage of Music. She studied under Evelyn Tubb and Nancy Argenta in England. She is well-versed in the music of the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods and currently she also sings Britain Island's traditional music with traditional instruments, too.

She has been asked to give vocal recitals by cultural promotion foundations, and invited to sing as a soloist at music festivals. She performs as a member with ‘Danceries’ and ‘Belle Equipe’ in Japan. Akiko's voice is currently much-needed by chamber musicians. She also intends to collaborate with various musicians in many fields of music.


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